I asked Jordan to take over my case because my previous attorney was not explaining things to me in a way that made me feel comfortable. I made the right decision in hiring Jordan. He is a very gifted attorney. He is smart and hardworking and always very professional. I really appreciated that he didn’t have the arrogance of most attorneys – who behave as though they know what’s best for me and my child. He always listened to my point of view and respected my position. He also was not afraid to tell me when I was wrong. Nor was he afraid to go to court – many lawyers are. Anytime opposing counsel filed something he responded in a very timely manner, and he always took the time to make sure that I understood what was going on, which helped decrease my anxiety levels substantially. I am very happy with the outcome of my case, and I would not hesitate to ask for his help should I need it again. I have recommended him to friends. I trust him 100%.

N.W., Family Law Client