Brent joined the firm in 2016 and brings with him a wide array of knowledge and experience from all over the legal spectrum. For the past few years, Brent has directed his focus to serving the needs of the booming startup community in Atlanta. His extensive background has perfectly positioned him to offer exceptional legal services for small businesses and startups looking for expert legal advice with a trusted voice that knows their world.

Brent is passionate about the fact that every company is unique with its own set of needs and requirements for operating. Innovative and disruptive companies are starting to bring to the table concepts at the cutting edge of their industries — and as such, a “normal” legal pathway might not yet exist. This is where his experience comes into play in seeing the problems that his clients haven’t yet considered and making sure they are protected.

One of the greatest strengths he brings to the table is his own entrepreneurship. This means that when clients engage Brent, he can truly empathize with their needs and their fears. For many pursuing their own dreams, volatility is a constant companion and as such, strong legal footing is an absolute necessity from the beginning.

He loves the challenge of addressing uncharted waters and using his knowledge to make his clients’ dreams a reality — and to protect those dreams when it comes to disputes. Brent earned a Certificate in Trial Advocacy from the Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama and has spent the majority of his legal career as a civil litigator and trial lawyer.

Brent likes to think of himself as an easygoing personality and loves to relax and be around the people who are important to him — especially his family.

He readily understands the sacrifices involved with starting, running or investing in a new or existing business and as such will go to bat for you as if your dream were his own.